Owner, founder, thinker, creator, originator, dream architect, plan designer.

I am a lucky guy. I live and work in the small town of New London, New Hampshire where I get paid to help really cool people manage their wealth. It’s as simple as that.

There’s nothing better than when I see the light bulb above someone’s head grow a little brighter. That moment when you can tell they “get it.”

I’m no stranger to epiphany. You know, those moments when everything becomes just a little bit clearer? For me, they mostly arrive when I’m out hiking one of our local mountains or as I’m motorcycling through the back roads of New Hampshire. But then, the best times are when there is a human connection. There’s nothing better than connecting with someone at a purposeful level. Those are the moments when I’m “doing good.” Those moments motivate me. They drive me to become better at that thing I do.